Vital statistics
Type Spell
Effects Sm enemies turn into cows;

Med and Lrg enemies take Freeze damage

Cost to buy 60,000 Souls
Cost to sell 6,000 Souls
Transform enemies into cows, and devour them for health.
— Description

Transmutate is one of the area of effect spells that appears in Ascend: Hand of Kul. It can not be gained for free.


Upgrade Tier Souls
Range 25% 1 24000
Range 25% 1 24500
Range 25% 1 31500
Range 30% 2 36500
Range 30% 2 37000
Range 30% 2 37500
Cooldown 10% 2 38500
Cooldown 10% 2 46500
Cooldown 10% 2 81500
Cooldown 10% 3 48500
Cooldown 10% 3 150000
Charge by 1 3 155500


  • The spell Transmutate used to turn medium size enemies into cows. It was considered over powered as it was an instant kill item then for most of the enemies of the game so then it was nerfed.

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